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Plans today - real projects tomorrow


The core of Aurum Group was set up in 2005 when industrial and investment group was established based on key businesses.

Initially, main focus of the Group was on transport machine building.

Vertically integrated structure of the company and in-house product consumption enabled the Group to provide a full package of services: from design and manufacturing of freight wagons to transportation and maintenance of rolling stock.

Afterwards, the Group acquired industrial pipe builders, chemical producers, and companies working in other areas.

Presently, the Group has diversified its activities, the company is exploring new prospective markets for its growth, specifically in real estate and agricultural sectors.

Management of the Group successfully implements strategic plans of the company and have shown the ability to overcome unfavourable economic factors.

Risk diversification and the opening of new markets helped the Group maintain growth dynamics over the crisis years.

Led by CEO, the Group team always relied on the growth of business performance and efficiency, enabling Aurum Group to enter the ranks of top Ukrainian industrial groups.

As of 2016, companies of the Group employed over 1500 people, paid over UAH 50 million in taxes for 2015 and dues to the State Budget and local budgets of various levels.