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Development strategy

Aurum Group’s corporate development strategy reflects the dynamics of the company’s growth.

Successful implementation of the chosen strategy strengthens the Group’s positions on the market, ensures coordination of efforts, allows to attract new clients, successfully compete, and, finally, achieve the key development objectives.

Development strategy includes four directions:

Focus on areas with high growth potential
Focus on areas with high growth potential, which are chosen based on economic and market trends analysis, and implementation of successful projects in them, opens the way to the leading positions.

Improvement of management effeciency and production processes
Growth of efficiency in management, technology, production helps to achieve strategic goals of the Group.

Flexibility of strategy 
In order to achieve competitive advantages on the niche markets, the Group is ready to be flexible and change development strategy.

Corporate social responsibility
The self-imposed obligation of the Group to be responsible for results of its activities and contribute to the development of the society will promote successful integration into the social and economic context of the country.