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Machine Engineering

Machine engineering enterprises successfully produce a wide range of manufacturing equipment, such as equipment for wagon construction, foundry and metal industries, industrial agriculture, food and other industries.

Aurum Group’s carriage building enterprises are focused on design and construction of special-purpose rolling stock, as well as non-standard equipment for wagon construction and repair.

Our products include:

Mainline freight wagons:

  • Hatch gondola cars of 12-9790, 12-9791, 12-9933, 12-9933-01 series;
  • Solid-bottom gondola cars of 12-9790-01 series;
  • Pellet cars of 20-9839 series;
  • Grain carriers of 19-9945 series;
  • Hopper cars and ballast hopper cars;
  • Flat cars and special-purpose cars (hay drying cars, etc.)


Industrial freight cars:

  • Dump cars of 33-9901, 2ВС-105 series.

Two- and three-axle trucks:

  • Series 18-9902, 18-9043.

The products are certified for use on 1520 mm tracks and are supplied to almost all CIS countries.

In addition, assembly units, components and spare parts of mainline freights cars and other industrial cars are produced:

  • automatic coupling parts,
  • Parts for two-axle trucks TsNDI-HZ,
  • Parts for gondola car bodies (hatch lids, supports of hatch lids, supporting brackets),
  • Parts for dump cars of 2ВС-105 type,
  • Parts for pellet cars.

Wagon building equipment:

  • Lifting gear and roller conveyors;
  • Guides and tilting devices;
  • Assembly and welding stations.

Carriage repair enterprises are focused on repair of freight cars for transport companies.


They provide roundhouse servicing of the carriages, manufacture spare parts and brake equipment for freight rail cars, as well as solid fuel boilers, provide metal works, produce dump cars frameworks and side walls, as well as metal structure according to customers’ drawings.

Annual roundhouse servicing capacity is up to 1,000 gondola cars.

Our enterprises compete effectively on the domestic cars building market due to advanced production level, a wide assortment of component produced and high-quality carriage repair services.

Great experience in valve construction for various industries allows our enterprises to produce cast iron piping valves for general purpose industrial use, in particular, for water, vapour, fuels, corrosive liquids (acids and alkali), gas, ammonia, and other media.

We also produce stop valves, such as: cast-iron wedge dampers, couple stop valves, joint fittings, etc.


Our experts master production of advanced casting types; new types of stop valves with diameters up to 300 mm have been designed and put into production. In addition, cast-iron, steel, aluminium alloys and brass castings with a weight varying from 0.1 kg up to 300 kg are produced by the means of sand and clay moulding and die casting.

For agricultural industry, machine building enterprises construct sunflower oil production lines, roller mills, heaters, oil expression aggregates and extruders.

The enterprises are greatly experienced in production of various types of equipment for metallurgy enterprises and foundry industry.

Such equipment includes, in particular:

  • Casting mould pulse-forming unit,
  • Centrifugal roller casting unit MTsVR-1,
  • Wheel chill ball casting machine MShKK-1,
  • Hump of a reeling machine 650 and its assembly units,
  • Recuperator sections, plate-type electric separators,
  • Elevator bucket conveyors, cooling towers,
  • Rolling machine platings,
  • Support rollers, under-chequerwork equipment of blast furnaces,
  • Dies and matrix dies,
  • Lining repair machines for electric steel-making furnaces and other special purpose equipment.

Partners of our machine building enterprises include such industrial giants as Azovstal, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, Alchevsk Integrated Iron & Steel Works, Niko-Tube and others.

Long-term partnerships with leading companies of various industries prove high quality of our products and good standing of our machine-building enterprises.