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Regional Development

In its operation, the Group is committed to social and economic development of the regions, where it is present. We understand that efficient business operations are impossible without close cooperation with local communities and local authorities. That is why great part of social projects is aimed at fulfilling the needs of local communities.

The key areas of activities on local community social support include:

  • investments into healthcare and education,
  • investments into local infrastructure,
  • support for children, youth, veteran, sports, charity and other organisations,
  • support of public life of the region.

The targets for social investments are determined as follows:

  • residents of enterprise presence regions,
  • district (city, village) administrations,
  • district (city, village) educational, health care, sports, culture, youth and children organisations,
  • charity, social, non-governmental organisations operating in the community territory.

The holding engages the following channels to provide aid and to maintain an open and meaningful dialogue with local communities:

  • direct contributions from the enterprise funds,
  • programs of social partnership with local authorities,
  • joint partnership financing with the third parties.

Aurum Group enterprises neither take part in political projects, nor support commercial programs that may cause environmental damage, harm health of the citizens, violate human rights or provoke public conflicts, etc.