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Safety Standarts

As per approved Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, employees’ health and safety are the number one priority. This issue, in particular, is urgent at production facilities of the Group.

Occupational safety is ensured through a range of organisational and technical measures aimed at prevention or mitigation of influence of safety hazards on workers.

The Group’s Industrial Safety Policy is based on the following:

  • compliance of workplace equipment with regulatory health and safety requirements,
  • occupational safety briefings (frequency of training depends on particular position specifics),
  • a dedicated occupational health and safety specialists at all production facilities,
  • provision of all necessary personal protective equipment for personnel,
  • periodic medical examinations,
  • external inspections of workplace compliance with health and safety regulations,
  • compliance of technological equipment and processes with the key safety requirements.

In case of occupational injury or occupational accidents, the affected employee is entitled to financial assistance at the cost of the enterprise.

All employees are entitled to social care in case they or their family members get seriously ill.

Occupational safety culture is in a perpetual ongoing development within the Group, and the management constantly works on improving of health and safety practices at all its subsidiary companies.

Specifically, the Group conducts systematic occupational safety inspections at production sites and cooperates with the state industrial safety regulatory authorities.